Equipment Review: Lighting

Nothing is more important if you are going to teach someone how to make something, virtually, than clear, even, lighting.

Nothing is more important if you are going to teach someone how to make something - virtually - than clear, even, lighting. If you are showing your hands creating something, and your lighting has harsh shadows or isn't clearly and brightly lit, you are making your student struggle to see.

In virtual teaching you have to overcome the barrier of the screen by making your visuals as wonderfully clear as possible.

If you have a sunny window you can work there when you film. And overcast day will provide wonderfully diffuse light. Otherwise it helps to hang a white cloth temporarily over the window so that you don't create harsh shadows.

When the sun isn't shining some sort of lighting will be necessary. Experiment to find lighting that works for your demonstrations. Cool daylight temperature bulbs are wonderful and LED's are energy efficient and bright.

Soft box lighting kits can be found inexpensively. They usually come with stands, soft box reflectors with diffusing panes, bulbs, and a case.

If you don't have space, the Raleno LED soft light panels can be attached to any threaded camera mount such as a tripod or a pole clamp. (Mine are clamped to my bookshelves next to my work table so that they don't use any floor space.) They come with a built-in rechargeable battery as well as a plug and you can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light.

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