Equipment Review: "The Brick" Extendable Selfie Stand

Whether you are teaching a technique live or filming ahead, you will need some way to hold your phone so your hands can be free to work your magic.

For an overhead demo via Zoom, you need the phone to be stable, and either close enough or high enough to show exactly what you need to show. It is also lovely to NOT have tripod feet or other equipment in view of the camera.

Having lighting RIGHT THERE is a wonderful bonus when you use this "brick" light.

Becky Campbell was the first to tip us off to this great piece of equipment with the UNIQU Lighting Kit. I'm using what is probably a knock-off called the Viozon Extendable Selfie Stand which looks pretty much identical. Both are under $100 USD.

I've used this bit of equipment several times now during live workshops, both in-person and via Zoom, and it works beautifully. The base is heavy so it doesn't tip, and has two "sticky" strips that keep it from sliding around on the table. The strips are washable so they don't leave a residue or wear out. The brick-sized block doesn't take up any floor space and is a nice neutral white on your table.

The jointed arm extends VERY high or can be positioned at about eye level so you can use it for overhead shots. The lights are great for close-up, but I find them to be not quite bright enough on their own for higher-up views. This isn't a problem since window or room lighting can be used as the main source and the device lights can provide fill so you don't get harsh shadows.


The stand is perfect for "head-to-camera" or "talking head" shots if you are filming intros and outros, or going live or filming for social media.

It is good for low overhead shots if you don't mind the base in the picture. It's an unobtrusive base so it could be fine. And it can raise very high.

It is less stable for shots where you want to angle the camera.

It is also less stable the higher it gets, but that also depends on how bouncy your table is.

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