Get Organized

Organization is hard.

Sometimes we are trying to fit so many to-do items into the limited time we have, that there just doesn't seem to be any time left.

Students: Have you ever signed up for an online class then forgotten important details like, THE NAME of the course, who taught it, where it was hosted?

Easy solution? Start a list of all the online classes you've signed up for, their names and access URLs and usernames and passwords. 

Interested in taking a class? Check these out.

Teachers: Have you ever photographed a sample for your course then couldn't find where you stashed it in your computer files?

Easy solution? For each class or project, create a file folder on your computer with the name of the course. Create a subfolder for all photos and copy the sample photo from your device's camera roll to this folder.

This month the teachers in the AVT will be discussing many different ways to create organized systems that will streamline our businesses. The more organized we are, the better our classes for our students will be. We'd love to have you join us! Learn more here.