March Monthly Theme: Content to Conversion

This month, we’re going to discuss content and conversion. What do these terms mean, and why do they matter?

"Content and conversion are like chocolate and peanut butter: better together." - Re Perez, CEO and Founder, Branding For The People

Content is anything that is published online including website and blog content, social media posts, ads, videos on YouTube, etc.

Your content serves two purposes: to bring more visitors to your site, and to “convert” them into customers. Or more specifically, ask them to DO something.

This request is called a Call to Action, or CTA. A CTA is a prompt that encourages a user to perform a specific action, such as making a purchase, clicking a link from YouTube to your website, signing up for your newsletter, etc. CTAs can take various forms, such as a button, a hyperlink, a banner, or even a simple text prompt.

Every time you write content, you should think about what you want your customers to do next. It’s also important to explain why the customers would want to take that action.

Will they learn more about the technique they’re struggling with if they watch a video? Will they get reminders in your newsletter about upcoming sales? Always explain right before the CTA how the customers will benefit when they take that next step. The CTA should be short and specific, such as “sign up here” or “watch this video” or “get more information.”

One “next step” is to give customers more information. A really effective way to do this is to create a video. As you probably know, any colorful, moving image will, more often than not, stop someone from scrolling by your content. Consider including a short explainer video on your landing page to help boost conversions.

"Include a short explainer video on your landing page to help boost conversions." - Shane Barker at Content Marketing Institute

In one case, Conversion Rate Experts added video on a client’s home page to try to increase their conversion rate. Though the video message was the same as the text on the page, it helped drive 64% more conversions than previously!

This month in the Academy, members will be discussion how we create calls to action and using video to promote our courses. We invite you to join us at Membership is free and available to all makers who want to create a business teaching what they love online.