Academy Member Spotlight: Nancy Myers

Enjoy this interview with AVT member Nancy Myers

Introducing Nancy Myers, the founder of Patchwork Breeze.

What do you teach?

I enjoy teaching anyone - children to adults - the many quilting techniques I’ve mastered in my 40+ years of quilting. But my heart lies with teaching basic quilting skills classes to novices and confident beginners. These classes begin with the basic skills of cutting, mathematics of seams, and finished sizes; and continue with sewing rectangular shapes, progressing to triangles, and finally more advanced techniques.

Why do you teach?

Quilting is a passion within me that I cannot diminish. I teach to keep the art of quilting alive, sharing it with others to use for years to come, thus paying tribute to those who taught me through the years.

The love of quilting grows as one experiences positive successes while developing a solid foundation of skills. I strive to teach in this way. The students’ expressions of satisfaction and excitement, when they complete each step of a block or project, warm my heart, and remind me of the joy of quilting.

What else do you love?

I love to do so many things and I’m grateful for all I've been able to do in my life. Fishing on a river or lake, taking in the beautiful scenery from a boat, and hiking in the forested woods near our home I find very relaxing. Nature inspires me, so I enjoy taking photos and collecting rocks, which I translate into surface pattern designs (a fairly new business interest of mine). I enjoy traveling through the USA with quilters to attend quilt shows. Reading mystery novels is my favorite quiet time activity. And, I can't forget to say that spending time with family and friends is wonderful!

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