Virtual Teaching 101: FREE mini-seminar

Learn what it takes to build a business teaching online.

Find out what it takes
to get your creative courses

Join Virtual teacher Lyric Montgomery Kinard, a long-time expert on virtual teaching. This FREE 3 session mini workshop will help you understand the basics of what you need to get your virtual workshops up and running. Lyric will walk you through how to structure and translate your live workshops into virtual offerings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Lessons begin March 20th
Three Live Coaching Sessions with Lyric

Live via Zoom
Mar 21st:  4 pm, EST
Mar 22nd:  9 pm EST
Mar 23nd:  10 am EST
We have colleagues from Africa to Australia!

All lessons and coaching sessions will be recorded and available until Mar 26th.

Why teach online?

  • Defining "virtual" 
  • Virtual pros & cons 
  • Live vs. on-demand 
  • Profitability 
  • Scalability 
  • Class content

What do I need?

  • Space needs 
  • Equipment needs 
  • Bandwidth concerns 
  • Zoom accounts 
  • Online class platforms 
  • Advertising

Getting Started!

  • Class outline 
  • Recording options 
  • Contract considerations 
  • Websites 
  • Cross-platform income 
  • Student engagement

You, my friend, are amazing!
You teach people how to make beautiful things.
You help your students develop and master the skills and find the creativity that brings balance and joy to their lives.

 Now, just between us, how is the balance in YOUR life?  

Do you want to be able to reach students outside of your immediate vicinity?
Do you really want to go back to the full-time travel hustle in order to make the income you need?
What if you could limit your travel schedule to exactly the right amount of time for YOU,
and still bring in a higher income than you did before?


Traveling to teach on the international quilt guild circuit is one of my favorite things to do and I will never give it up! It can also be exhausting. Ordering and shipping supplies, balancing two 50lb suitcases, arranging all the details, then actually hauling everything along with you. I have never loved that part.

I also know what it's like to work the travel circuit with children still at home. I started when I had five children at home and the youngest was 3. Believe me, being on the road felt like a vacation, but the days before each trip were an intense flurry of arranging childcare, lesson schedules, and a million other things!

People always asked how I managed to "do it all." In truth, for every ball in the air, there were two or three rolling away on the floor.

It doesn't have to be this way.
Find the perfect balance for YOU!

Join us for Virtual Teaching 101
(yes, it's FREE!)

Lyric will show you how to take your in-person workshops online.
Live-virtual zoom workshops via zoom allow you to teach for guilds around the globe.
On-demand courses can create income while you sleep.
Learn to build tie-ins between your in-person, virtual, and on-demand offerings that will leverage
your time and increase your income.

Carol Clanton

AVT Member

The bottom line is that Virtual Teaching is here to stay. Students need to have workshops worth their time and their money, and that is the advantage of the Academy. We help teachers to give QUALITY online workshops.

I had no technical background with any sort of video production so I needed help with what equipment to buy. I took the time to sit down and say, OK I don’t need the high-end stuff right now, I can start with the low-end and work my way up.

Rachelle Craig

AVT Member

Kathy Steere

AVT Member

I particularly appreciate the "big ocean with room for all of us" and the "start with what you have" philosophies. It's a breath of fresh air being in a place that is supportive.

Find out what it takes to become a
Proficient, Profitable, & Professional
Virtual Craft Teacher

During this FREE two hour live session, Lyric will talk you through what it takes to create online workshops. She'll show you her own setup and give you a quick studio tour. We will go through several planning worksheets together, setting you on the path to becoming a: 

Bonus 1

Workshop Planner

Bonus 2

Contract Template

Bonus 3

Workshop Planner

But.... Are virtual classes really as good as in-person?
What if my students aren't tech savvy?
What if I can't afford new equipment?
What if my Wi-fi goes out?  

Lyric will do her best to answer all your questions!

This FREE Mini-Workshop includes Office Hours!
THREE live Q&A sessions!
Live via Zoom
Mar 21st:  4 pm EST
Mar 22nd:  9 pm EST
Mar 23nd:  10 am EST


The live sessions will be recorded and available until March 26th in case you miss them.
If you can't make any of the Q&A session
 you can send in your questions so
Lyric can answer them in the live group Zoom.

Lyric Kinard

Artist, Author, Educator