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Our live run of VT101 will be held again in January of 2023.
Until then, recordings of VT101 can be  accessed in a free trial membership in the
Academy for Virtual Teaching.

Find out what it takes to get your creative courses ONLINE!

Join Virtual teacher Lyric Montgomery Kinard for this FREE workshop. She will help you understand the basics of what you need to get your virtual workshops up and running.

The video lessons will walk you through how to structure and translate your live workshops into virtual offerings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The LIVE coaching sessions will answer YOUR specific questions. We'll have three of them to accommodate global time zones.

Lyric has been teaching online since before video was even a thing...

Live-virtual zoom workshops via zoom allow you to teach for guilds and groups around the globe.  On-demand courses can create passive income while you sleep.  

Learn to build tie-ins between your in-person, virtual, and on-demand offerings that will leverage your time and increase your income.

But . . .
Are virtual classes really as good as in-person?
(Sometimes they are even better!)

What if my students aren't tech savvy?
(We give you the tools to make it easy for them)

What if I can't afford new equipment?
(You probably have almost everything you need right now!)

What if my WIFI goes out?
(Believe it or not... we can help you work around that too!)

Course Content


Defining "virtual"
Virtual pros & cons
Live vs. on-demand
Profitability Scalability Class content

Getting Started

Space needs
Equipment needs
Bandwidth concerns
Zoom accounts
Online class platforms


Class outline
Recording options
Contract considerations
Cross-platform income
Student engagement 


You, my friend, are amazing! You teach people how to make beautiful things. You help your students develop and master the skills and find the creativity that brings balance and joy to their lives.

 Now, just between us, how is the balance in YOUR life?  

Do you want to be able to reach students outside of your immediate vicinity? Do you really want to go back to the full-time travel hustle in order to make the income you need? What if you could limit your travel schedule to exactly the right amount of time for YOU, and still bring in a higher income than you did before?

It doesn't have to be this way.
Find the perfect balance for YOU!

Virtual Teaching 101 Bonus Resources

Bonus #1

In-Person Workshop Planner

An organization work sheet to help you transition in-person to virtual classes.

Bonus #2

Virtual Workshop Planner

Understand you what equipment setup will give you the best presentation.

Bonus #3

Virtual Contract Template

See how it's different than your in-person contract and adjust it to your own needs.

Take a Peek at the Academy's Public Facing Website
where we help you find more students for your courses.

Teachers Gotta Teach

The Academy for Virtual Teaching is a vibrant and supportive membership community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers. We are continually improving our virtual teaching skills  so that we can more proficiently share the joy of making with our students.

Makers Gotta Make

The Academy for Virtual Teaching offers calendar listings of virtual classes for quilters and crafters from some of the finest instructors around. Find a live or on-demand class to fill your creative needs. All workshops are independently run and open for public enrollment.

Three Live Coaching Sessions THIS WEEK with Lyric


January 2023 - Dates and Times to be Determined

We have colleagues from Africa to Australia!