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Live Virtual Workshops: January

Creativity & Inserted Curves

January 4, 2023
with Patricia Belyea

Inserting curved elements into your quilt designs gives you a technique-expanding mastery that changes everything! In this online workshop, you start by making a simple inserted curves composition.Then you move to inserted forms, inserted circles, double insertions, and closed loops.The 5-session workshop challenges you to think creatively as you learn new skills. Besides attending the workshop, you have two weeks to work on your projects before you get your next assignment.

Hack That Quilt Pattern

January 7, 2023
with Tammy Silvers

In this live online class, we will explore some fun reworkings of Tamarinis patterns (of course) You will complete the class with ideas to inspire and direct you in your own pattern hacks! We will discuss some practical approaches to dissecting a pattern to determine exactly WHAT fabric and HOW MUCH of each you will need for your hack, and talk about creating a game plan for your creation so that you have the most successful project possible! You’ll finish the class with ideas on how to hack your stash of patterns, as well as useful handouts you can reference again and again! I’m excited to explore with you!

Improv Log Cabins

January 10, 2023
with Sarah Goer

This 4-hour workshop (9am-1pm Pacific time) is your opportunity to try a new spin on the traditional log cabin block. It's a bit of a choose your own adventure. You choose small or large scale. Then play with size of strips, background placement, symmetry and other elements to create your own unique improv log cabin(s). Numerous technique demos will be shown. Students can expect to construct one or more improv log cabins in class, depending on the scale they choose. 

Easy Abstract Design

January 26, 2023
with Lyric Kinard

If you’ve looked with secret longing to the world of abstract art quilts but don’t know where to start, this is the class for you. Even students who have never created their own designs before will end the day with at least one small and uniquely original art quilt top. Lyric will gently guide you through concrete exercises designed to help you create ideas for original abstract quilts.

California Poppies

January 28, 2023
with Tina Curran

Make cute houses with me! This is a paper-piecing class. Whether you're comfortable with paper-piecing, need a refresher or want to learn the technique, this class is for all levels.

Color Play: The Taming of the Hues

January 28, 2023
with Lyric Kinard

Are you struggling to find the perfect cast of colors for your next quilt? Does all the talk of color schemes just confuse you? Never fear, Lyric is here to make color theory easy to understand. In this playful and entertaining course, Lyric takes you on a tour through color theory, explaining each scheme with entertaining and easy to remember metaphors. Using hands-on, easy exercises, She helps you understand how colors relate to each other and how they function alone, or together, because color is ALL about relationships!

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